International guidelines suggest that patients diagnosed with ild should be managed in a specialist centre, with access to clinical trials and the availability of lung transplantation for suitable candidates. Research initiatives current therapies for ild suppress the immune system and are aimed at reducing lung inflammation. Unfortunately this approach only addresses part of the process that causes lung injury in ild and does not prevent the scarring. generic viagra pills New treatments are focused on preventing the scarring process and are the product of basic research that is currently focused in the following areas: 1. viagra for sale online cheap Genetics: it is likely that the presence of certain genes makes individuals more susceptible to the effects of environmental dusts that cause scarring of the lungs. buy generic viagra online cheap It is hoped that identifying these genes and the proteins that they are responsible for producing, will lead to the development of new therapies. viagra sales mail 2. Anti-fibrotic medication: drugs that stop scarring in the body are currently the subject of clinical trials involving a large number of diseases, e. G. Diabetic kidney and ischaemic heart disease. It is likely that lessons learnt in these more common conditions will be applied to ild and offer hope for more effective therapies. 3. Novel treatments: it is hoped that novel treatment approaches available in clinical trials that focus on preventing lung scarring rather than reducing inflammation will prove to be more effective therapies in the future. Patient support the australian lung foundation provides information and support to patients with all forms of lung disease including ild and advocates on their behalf. We encourage you to call our information and support centre toll free on 1800 654 301. do you need a prescription to buy viagra As patients, we encourage you to manage your condition by: â·â â â  having regular medical check ups â·â â â  joining a pulmonary rehabilitation program â·â â â  joining a patient support group â·â â â  exercising to your level of activity - check with your doctor first â·â â â  making lifestyle changes that will help to reduce physical and mental stress e. G. viagra pill ring Quitting smoking a number of internet sites exist that provide useful information relating to ild: â·â â â  www. 100 mg generic viagra Lungusa. normal dosage of viagra Org â·â â â  www. Nhlbi. Why does viagra last longer Nih. Gov â·â â â  www. viagra natural para hombres venezuela Mayoclinic. Online prescriptions for viagra Com/health/interstitial-lung-disease â·â â â  www. Lungnet. cost for viagra at walmart Com. cost for viagra at walmart Au â·â â â  www. buy generic viagra without prescription Bpold. generic viagra online pharmacy india Co. 100mg viagra equals viagra Uk â·â â â  www. non prescription viagra Pulmonaryfibrosis. nationalityinworldhistory.net/bsh-buy-online-viagra-so/ Org the information in this lea.